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Naltrexone for prostate cancer

naltrexone for prostate cancer

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I was diagnosed w/ prostate cancer following a biopsy on I'm 59 and the diagnostic stats are: Stage T1c, 1 core out of 10 positive (only.
I have been taking LDN for a suspected case of prostate cancer since April of 2007 and, so far, it seems to be working. In addition to LDN, I am also taking Essiac.

There are inherent limitations for testing LDN of course: not every patient is a candidate eg if on narcotics for cancer pain for LDN and most who take it cor on at least a few other treatment modalities making a judgement of LDN efficacy difficult. Patients who could benefit from conventional therapy are not eligible. Off-Label, Low-Dose Naltrexone for Refractory Painful Diabetic Neuropathy. Truly promising and science-based treatments do not need an organization to promote them. LDN may not be a cancer cure-all, but, in my opinion, it should at least be tried in every case of this dreaded disease. Sign in to follow this. This contrasts with their prior studies which have shown low dose treatments to be effective on colon cancerand neuroblastoma.


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Eight or nine months after. Toxicity was limited to transient nausea and vomiting. C-T scan of the chest showed multiple metastatic lesions. LDN had a selective impact on genes involved with cell cycle regulation and immune modulation. Prostate is trilobular and enlarged. The quick bottom line is that there does not appear to be a single medical application of LDN outside of addiction that is supported by a class I clinical trial, let alone a consensus of rigorous studies.

Naltrexone for prostate cancer - EPA-only formula

The authors and publishers believe the information to be accurate but its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Waiting until symptomatic disease progression in patients with CRPC and rising PSA is a commonly utilized strategy. Or sign in with one of these services. It is hoped that this can be addressed in the near future and that LDN can achieve a license for adjuvant use in cancer management. Zagon and McLaughlin clearly delineated differences between high and low-dose naltrexone while studying mice with transplanted neuroblastoma tumors. But are the claims well founded?

As with many of these off-patent old drugs now being repurposed for cancer use, it is cheap! For an enlightening article about the numerous drawbacks and limitations of chemotherapy, visit. But, the issue that keeps recurring is that none of prrostate know for sure if this works. Follow us on Twitter. She then started taking low dose naltrexone.

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